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LaTeX is used for typesetting technical books and research papers. It can be used for any type of publishing. It is widely used for typesetting text with mathematical formulae. It contains scores of easy to use commands, that simplify the task of formatting. The text formatted using LaTeX commands is converted into a neat pdf by the LaTeX compiler. LaTeX is stable. It does not crash much and has low machine memory requirements.

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Through this tutorial you can achieve the following objectives:

1) Installation of xampp server

2) Creating files the following files:

home.php - The homepage for the website
register.php - Registration page for registering users. The username and password of the users will be stored in a database.
login.php - Login page for registered users.
menu.php - Menu bar for navigating between all pages.

3) Connection with Mysql database

Details of the registered users will be stored into Mysql database.

4) Working with Session variables

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More tutorials will be uploaded soon!