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Welcome to our Website

This is a new look of the site. Its currently under testing. We will soon revamp the site. If you want to visit the old site visit http://www.acjs.co/old

We started AcjS.co as a way to kill time during vacations by trying out features of HTML5 and CSS3. All the animations on the site have been done by using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. We refered to various sources on the web for learning to create animations and adopted some ideas for designing this site. Our favourite is the blasting logo of AcjS.co. Hover over the logo and watch it explode!

Started as a mode of pass time, AcjS.co has now moved to being a place where we plan to share all our discoveries in the field of Computers. At AcjS.co, we are ardent believers of the fact that the best way to increase one's knowledge is by sharing it. Abiding by this, we decided to introduce the following sections:

  • Under the segment "Tutorials" we will upload things that we discover while we are learning to code. These are tried and tested codes. Thus, any beginner using these will not face any difficulties. Feel free to contact us in case you have any difficulties with the uploaded codes.
  • Under the segment "Our Projects" we will upload descriptions of the projects that we work on.
Stay tuned and feel free to comment on the posts so that we can make this bigger and better :)

You can click on our names on the top right corner to view our introduction and contact details.

Few more words about our upcoming Services

Huddle-Up!! is the new platform for people around the globe to interconnect. It aims at sharing ideas to inspire innovations. It also aims at providing a medium for people to express their concerns and difficulties in any situation. Participants can discuss on any issues related to social causes or even technical problems. The platform serves as a medium by which a person can connect with someone in any part of the world who would be capable enough to help the individual tackle his or her situation with the best available solution. Expressing thoughts on a global scale helps an individual grow in various facets of life. An individual learns in many ways. Also, if we look at the other side of things, a person willing to help others will feel a great sense of achievement after helping someone in another corner of the world.

The internet is without a doubt, the place where people rise their concerns and look for help. We have a number of forums on the internet. But Huddle-Up!!! is the first of its kind. The reason for this is that, Huddle-Up!!! consists of chat rooms. Thus, difficulties are solved in a more direct manner. This is what makes Huddle-Up!!! unique and effective. People for different parts of the world, though speak in English, everyone has a different accent and manner of expressing. As Huddle-Up!!! is a forum that runs on chats, it bridges the gaps that otherwise make certain people difficult to understand even though they have valid doubts. Thus, a direct way of connecting will certainly be more effective and empowering for everyone. We believe that this platform will be a game-changer. It will be powerful and futuristic. It will herald the fact that knowledge has no boundaries. It will inspire new ideas and empower people to think higher by solving their difficulties in the way that they would appreciate. It will help like minding people from the globe meet and build beautiful things that will make our world a better place.

Now we come to the point about what inspired us to build this platform. We are ardent programmers. As programmers experimenting and trying out new stuff with different languages and new technologies, we habitually use the internet and forums to get out doubts solved. But we began to feel that a more direct communication will help others understand our doubts clearly. It will also help people ask more questions about a certain doubt and take things to a new level. It will make the process of discussing the solution to be more fluid.

We began building this application as a part of our curriculum in the subject of Distributed Computing. In this subject we learn how applications are to be made scalable to increasing number of users and integration of different platforms. Our group chose the topic of Google App Engine for presenting in the class. Google App Engine is the new-age technology of Distributed Computing. It allows us as developers, to simply focus on the needs of the application from the point of view of the customers and the features to be incorporated rather than the whole distributed computing that needs to be done in the background. The background work is taken care of by Google. We are excited about this new technology and we are enjoying the process of learning to code for Google App Engine. In todays stage of technological advancements, programming for Google App Engine is a valuable skill. It would be exciting for us to demonstrate to our classmates, to power of Google App Engine and its enormous potentials. We have prepared this demo site as a simple application though which we can explain the process of coding for Google App engine. Through this demo will will showcase all aspects that will be needed to make wonderful applications.

In this demo site, we have Open Groups and Closed Groups. When a user creates an Open group, this group is open to all and will be displayed to everyone. However, when the user creates a closed group, he or she needs to enter the email-ids of the users to which the chat room should be limited to. A mail will be sent to these people. For people who receive the mail but have not registered to the site before, will need to register in order to access any groups. A plus sign on the page gives the division where a new chat room will be created. The animation of the plus sign is done using CSS3. Also, the rounded edges have been done with CSS3. The site is simple in structure as there is only one page. When a user types a hat message, the chat room is auto refreshed, this is accomplished by using AJAX. How different languages like Python, CSS, Javascript, AJAX interplay flawlessly is an interesting phenomena.